The Best New AI Marketing Tools to Help Scale Your Business

March 21, 2024 |   7 minute read

The Best New AI Marketing Tools to Help Scale Your Business

AI can make a picture of the Pope in a big puffy coat and a Beach Boys’ cover of Nine Inch Nails, but what can it do to help you market your company more effectively? The other stuff is fun (and sometimes disturbing) but let’s talk about the AI tools that can help you hit your community engagement OKRs, leaving you with more time to work on marketing strategies for small business and what you care about most. 


ChatGPT Is the OG AI, OK?


ChatGPT is the most popular text generating AI program and conversational AI software and there’s a reason why it’s the AI that launched a thousand imitators: it’s powerful. Even the free version is impressive. Now, we’re not saying that ChatGPT is without fault - in fact, if you listen to our podcast episode below you can hear what an AI expert thinks is a huge limitation of ChatGPT - you still need a wise marketing expert guiding its hand. 

As a result, when it comes to AI content creation, here at Tangible Words we don’t use AI to write copy (we used to be solely a copywriting and content marketing business and still pride ourselves on our copywriting abilities. All content (including this blog you’re reading right now, incidentally) is written by a real-life bonafide human being. (Hopefully, that’s not hard to tell.) 

However, we saw the advantages of ChatGPT for planning and idea generating. Sometimes ChatGPT is good at getting that spark going to break out of writer’s block, or to give you ideas for keywords that would be useful in your content. Get creative with the prompts you ask ChatGPT to generate, and you might surprise yourself. There’s likely some task in your workflow that you can automate or make easier with the help of good old ChatGPT.


Who's Your Favourite Painter? Dall-E or Midjourney?

When it comes to marketing online, you’re probably doing a lot of content marketing for your social media feeds, emails, website, and many other places. And when doing content marketing, images are important. You’re probably well aware that social posts with an image tend to perform better than those with just text. But if you’re on a small team or don’t have access to a graphic designer, what do you do?

That’s where image generators come in. You’ve probably heard of Dall-E and Midjourney. If you haven’t, they’re the best places to start. We prefer Midjourney over Dall-E, but there are many other platforms that are offering AI image generation, like Canva. If you already have a Canva account, that can save you having to look elsewhere. Another program with outstanding AI image generation is an old familiar friend: Photoshop. Adobe has added impressive AI capabilities to its most famous product that can interact with the photo you’re already working with.

If, however, you’re looking for an image of a real person with convincing hands (seriously, AI can be really bad with human hands) and don’t have the funds for an in-house graphics team, we recommend a royalty-free image sourcing site, like Unsplash


Looking for AI Marketing Tool that Are a Little Less Mainstream?

Okay, okay, so I can hear you saying that everyone’s heard about ChatGPT and Midjourney (well, I think my grandparents would beg to differ, but they do very little content marketing, so point taken). Here’s a list of AI marketing tools that you may not have heard of yet. And if you have, well, skip ahead to the podcast episode below because Alyssa, our guest, is an expert on AI technologies that help companies grow, and she definitely has niche AI knowledge you’ll be interested in. 

  • 42Chat - specializing in 24/7 customer support chatbots.
  • OwlyWriter - content marketing generation.
  • - marketing-focused AI platform.
  • - content marketing with a specific focus on capturing a specific tone.
  • Synthesia - video marketing AI and animated AI avatars.
  • Hemingway Editor - written content generator and editor, focused on clear writing. 
  • - generates realistic AI voices to read scripts. 
  • Magic Studio - enhance your marketing images. 
  • Keyword Insights - SEO tool that utilizes AI. 
  • Surfer SEO - AI tool to improve the content and SEO friendliness of your website. 
  • Brand24 - keeps track of feedback about your brand, both positive and negative. 

Everyone Is Learning About AI - That's Why We Talked to an Expert


AI is a new frontier for marketing, and the future of digital marketing is always changing. Therefore, it isn’t always clear how to use these tools to get a marketing advantage. The game is always changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Whenever that happens, we want to consult someone who’s really in the thick of the changes, because we want an expert opinion on what AI is all about. So don’t just take our word for it, listen to the latest episode of our business podcast, AI Customer Service: How Conversational AI Can Help Scale Your Business, and understand the difference between chatbot vs. conversational AI, to get a current expert opinion on the state of AI marketing tools as they stand right now, and where they’re headed. On the Company Growth Podcast, we regularly discuss email marketing strategy, how to get quality traffic, the benefits of paid traffic, how to build a sales team from the ground up, and more.


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