How to Reach and Exceed Your Community Engagement OKRs

March 07, 2024 |   5 minute read

How to Reach and Exceed Your Community Engagement OKRs

OKRs are the Objectives and Key Results you set to determine success and measure progress. One of the trickiest parts of social media strategy is that every company is different. 


Each company has different needs, different audiences, different goals, and different resources. This means that the community goals, community objectives, and community OKRs will change depending on the company too. Marketing strategies for small business depend on taking the unique needs of every different company into account. That being said, here are some examples of objectives that a typical company will set for a key results framework for community engagement on social media


  • Build community,
  • Create new leads,
  • Increase revenue,
  • Develop brand engagement, and
  • Get more quality traffic.


And here are some key results to measure those objectives: 


  • Build community - measure your number of likes, comments, and reposts on social media.
  • Create new leads - track your conversions on a CRM like HubSpot
  • Increase revenue - track your new sign-ups that come from social media.
  • Develop brand engagement - do social listening to see how often your company is being talked about online. 
  • Get more traffic - Use HubSpot or Google Analytics or whatever platform you prefer to track new traffic to your site. 


To learn more about the methodology behind OKRs, listen to this business podcast episode


How to Build an Awesome Online Community Around Your Brand

1. Cover a Specific Niche that Your Company has Expertise in.

Chances are your company has a unique product or service you offer, or a unique advantage that sets your company apart from your competitors. Identify that Unique Selling Proposition and use your expertise to craft online content that satisfies exactly what those niche customers want to know. 


2. Research Your Target Audience and Create a Buyer Persona.

We’ve written plenty of resources on creating buyer personas, so we won’t go over it again in too much detail here. Here are links to some of our best articles on buyer personas if you want to learn more: 



To know what kind of community you want to build you need to know what your ideal buyer is like. What is your customer's objective? Once you understand who your ideal buyer is, you can start to think about what kind of content that buyer would find useful or entertaining, and your social media coordinator can decide how that ideal buyer would most like to interact with an online community. 


3.Pick Your Media of Choice.

Once you’ve identified your niche and made a buyer persona, it’s time to decide on what digital marketins strategies you’re going to use for community engagement OKRs. For example, if your company is trying to reach young people, it might make sense to post on TikTok. If your ideal buyer is getting a little long in the tooth, (or old enough to know that phrase) TikTok might not be the way to go. Instead, maybe try an email marketing strategy. There aren’t any easy rules to follow here: it depends on the company and each company’s unique audience to decide the right organic media marketing platform for reaching the right buyer. 


This Business Podcast Helps You Plan Your Community Engagement OKRs


Kevin Dooley, the CEO of Kahi Inc. has helped build enviable community engagement through organic marketing and gave his advice for building online community on the Company Growth Podcast. Listen to Organic Social Media Marketing: Increase Revenue Through Community Engagement and hit all your community engagement OKRs today. 

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