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The Most Important Skills for a Growth Marketer

Driving company growth requires a unique ability to visualize the grand scheme overview of a company, overlay that with all the minutest details of a company, and then envision the connections between the details and grand vision. Occasionally you’ll find a person who seems to be able to do this all on their own (If you do find one of these magical unicorns, put a ring on it!). These unicorns do exist, but they are almost always backed by a tight-knit team of diverse people with a wide range of experiences, education, and expertise. We call these people, and their teams, growth marketers. 

What to Look for in a Growth Marketer

These are the two essential skills or values in a growth marketer, or growth marketing team:

  1. pasted image 0-12Comprehensive vision: big ideas, micro-details 
  2. The ability to connect with anyone and build strong relationships

The ability to be a big ideas person and a detail-oriented person at the same time is rare. It's even rarer when these skills are combined with a genuine and authentic people-person. More often than not, you’ll get the best combination of these skills with a tight team.

A growth marketer needs to be able to connect with everyone in your company. They need to build solid relationships of trust with everyone involved, so they can gather insights from every aspect of your operations processes. 

Here are some other personality traits assets that are very important for potential hires.

Growth marketing revolves around rapid iteration, constant change, and experimentation. Teams, or individuals, need to be wildly creative, constantly analyzing the process, trying something new, and always questioning “we’ve always done it this way.” Growth marketing teams believe in finding ways to improve existing processes

Growth marketing focuses on data, measuring everything. The ability to shift quickly on the fly to adapt and adjust is crucial. Teams need to be willing to admit failure, but at the same time shift gears to the next idea in the next breath. 

This sort of questioning and constant change can be really frustrating for the staff in your company. That’s why the ability to build solid relationships is so important. 

Your existing staff need to be able to trust that this person, or team of people, is not trying to make their life more difficult or sabotage their job. They need to be able to believe that this person or team is genuinely trying to help the company succeed.

 That’s why outsourcing growth marketing can sometimes be a little less stressful for your existing team. It is less personal and easier to trust that someone from an outside company is not threatening their job or stability. 

Why Should You Outsource Growth Marketing?

As explained in “What is Growth Marketing, Anyway?” growth marketing is an extremely complex and visionary job. It's a huge undertaking and can put intense pressure on your existing team members to expect them to suddenly learn and take on this hugely confusing and complex new role. It’s definitely a full-time job and can be really overwhelming for just one person. With an agency, you get the advantage of 7 experts with diverse experience for the price of one. 

Tangible Words can take on that challenge, and add a unique perspective to your grand vision and the minute details that can drive your company to sustainable growth.

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