The Most Important Skills for Growth Marketers

March 19, 2020 |   3 minute read


The Most Important Skills for Growth Marketers

Growth marketers have unique talents. Because they’re responsible for driving company growth, growth marketers need to understand the company culture, its products, and its sales goals. Plus, they’re tasked with defining who the existing and potential customers are and what makes them loyal, or not interested at all. It’s a lot.

Growth marketing means looking at all the areas of your business that can be changed or tweaked to improve the customer experience. The challenge for a growth marketer is compiling all that information and interpreting the results regularly to make the right next move. Their goal is to keep your customers engaged and give them such a great sales experience that they’ll be ambassadors for your business. Brand ambassadors improve your company’s reputation, for free, through repeat business, good reviews, and most importantly their social media content. 

Some growth marketers can manage these tasks all on their own (and if you do find one of these magical unicorns, put a ring on it!). These unicorns do exist, but it’s more likely successful growth marketing involves a team of diverse people with a wide range of experiences, education, and expertise.

What to Look for in a Growth Marketing Team

A growth marketing team is a good idea because it’s difficult to find one person with all the skills, and time, to fill the growth marketer role. Growth marketing revolves around constant change and experimentation and finding ways to improve existing processes.

These are essential skills to look for in a growth marketing team:

  1. pasted image 0-12Comprehensive vision: big ideas, and attention to micro-details so no important information or action is left out of the process;
  2. The ability to connect with anyone and build strong relationships across different sectors and channels so your reach is both targeted and accessible.

When your company is looking for growth marketing team members it’s important candidates are prepared to connect with everyone in your company. The sales cycle involves input from different departments, like sales and marketing, to be successful. So a growth marketer who seeks out and uses the knowledge of experienced coworkers builds solid relationships and trust. Thus, making it easier to lead everyone to the end goal of more sales and sustainable growth.

Here are a couple of other personality traits that are important for growth marketing focussed hires:

  1. Creative and analytical - so when they try something new they can identify what was done right and what to change in the next attempt. 
  2. Bounce-back-ability - because often growth marketers need to adapt and adjust quickly  to changing consumer needs or company goals. It’s important to be able to identify failure then shift gears to the next idea without missing a beat.

Constant questioning and change can be really frustrating for staff. Even leading to conflict within the company. If this has been a challenge for your internal growth marketers in the past, outsourcing your growth marketing needs could solve the problem. Outsourcing growth marketing can ease stress on your team because it’s less personal.  Existing staff might find it’s easier to trust someone from an outside company who’s not potentially threatening jobs, reputations or stability. 

Why Should You Outsource Growth Marketing?

As explained in “What is Growth Marketing, Anyway?”, growth marketing is a complex and visionary task and can put lots of added pressure on your existing team members.

With a growth marketing agency, you get the advantage of 7 experts with diverse experience whose only concern is your company’s growth marketing. Not only is this a bundle of brain power working solely for your growth goals, you’re paying for the service not multiple staff members so you’re streamlining marketing costs too. 

As growth marketing specialists, Tangible Words works with you to flesh out your company’s vision and goals. Then, their experts follow proven processes that’ll drive your company’s sustainable growth, always with your staff’s input and approval. This arm’s-length team approach relieves the internal stress of meeting marketing goals while helping increase your bottom line.

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