5 things to know before copywriters help with your website content

May 26, 2010 |   2 minute read

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5 things to know before copywriters help with your website content
You can get the most out of your copywriting experience so your website content works exactly how you want it. Starting with a content strategy and building your design around it is important.

There is a process you can follow to make sure your content reaches the right people at the right time. Whether you work on your content in-house or you're looking for a content specialist outside your business, you'll want to follow these steps to sell your business online.

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Here are 5 Things to Do Before You Start Copywriting 

  1. Prioritise. Identify which project you need content for first. Don’t overwhelm your staff or your cash flow by trying to tackle too many projects at once. If you don’t have a logo, do that first, then a website design. Your website is only as effective as your content for attracting customers, so spend the time getting it right before you start designing and publishing content online.
  2. Know your Target Audience. Initially, you’ll want to say “everyone” can use your product or services, which is, in a way, true. But that's just the first level. After you’ve had a few customers, start thinking about which one of your customers is your ideal customer. You need to become attractive in your advertising to those customers.
  3. Define your Objectives. What are you expecting your website copy, blog, social media marketing, etc. to accomplish?  Set goals for how many visitors you need your website to attract to collect qualified leads. Look at how Google is ranking your site. Your content must be helpful and reflect your expertise to build a positive reputation with search engines. 
  4. Budget for the Work. Are you prepared to spend money on words? Website content is important to your online presence. However, if no one is reading it, it can be a wasted effort. In the new digital marketing age, it is the expertise to know how to share the content, track the campaigns, and manage your leads that will get you the sales growth you're looking for. You'll want to think about budgeting for all of those skills. 
  5. Be Prepared for Timelines. You're responsible for the final approval of content. It's your business, and you know it best. If you're working with content creators, set aside time to review, suggest and approve the created content. Delays in this area can set back projects that could make you money now.

    Website content is a key component in generating more sales for your business. If you're confident you've got marketing under control, how is your sales team prepared for the leads it will bring in?

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