Content Marketing - Give Your Business Some Love

March 13, 2013 |   2 minute read


Content Marketing - Give Your Business Some Love
When did you last show your business love with your online content? Even if it was yesterday, do you know if it resonated with your target audience? Successful content marketing helps you build your business reputation and show it love by highlighting your unique business offerings and sharing them with the world.

How Your Content Strategy Help You Nurture Your Leads

When we say give your business some love, we really mean blow your own horn when it comes to sharing your experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. When you highlight your company's strong points and offer helpful solutions consistently across all your channels, you're confidence and credibility are rewarded with higher Google rankings and target audience engagement

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A content marketing strategy hinges on good content that you can use and reuse in different media. Here are some steps you can take to get your content in order:

  1. Determine what your website needs to say and how the messages should be organized. Write each webpage with your target audience in mind and a clear goal for what each page needs to offer. Too much fluff and not enough help content turn off users, and they'll go elsewhere for solutions.
  2. Define ways to get your information out there. Your website is key, but choosing the right social channels for your target audience and building an email subscriber list let you offer your content to consumers who've shown interest by following you and opening your emails. Nurture these leads instead of always chasing new ones.
  3. Take your content marketing strategy to the next level using an inbound marketing plan that ensures your content is in front of your target audience. Inbound marketing draws your consumers to you by consistently showcasing your brand so it's recognized for quality content.
The good news is that the content you create for your website is easily transferrable to other forms. Add blog links to the e-newsletter. Get content ideas to create e-books and how-to lists based on your FAQ page and offer them as subscriber incentives. Plus, you can manage loads of social posts based on content keywords from your pages and promote them systematically.

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