Getting the Most Out of HubSpot with the Company Growth Podcast

July 27, 2022 |   4 minute read

Getting the Most Out of HubSpot with the Company Growth Podcast

On the latest episode of the Company Growth Podcast we got a chance to sit down and interview Pete Caputa, one of the main brains behind the HubSpot Partner Program: a mutually-beneficial program that helps agencies and service providers using HubSpot grow, which in turn helps HubSpot grow. It’s been hugely successful, with lessons on effective partnership development that you can use to build your business, no matter what industry you’re in. This talk gives you a chance to see behind the curtain of HubSpot in its early days, and also a foundation to consider creating a partner program of your own.


Getting the Most Out of HubSpot: A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Have you ever seen one of those nature documentaries that talks about the remora eels that attach themselves to sharks? The eels eat parasites off the shark that could harm the shark, and the shark gives the remoras free transportation and protection. A partner program is a little like that, except less… gross? 

On a basic level, a smaller company or HubSpot agency partner attaches itself to a more established brand like HubSpot. The smaller company gains the benefits of the larger company’s brand identity and large contact network, while the smaller companies help boost the larger company’s profile (for example, if HubSpot has a lot of smaller companies writing blog posts about it online, they can jump up the search rankings very fast).

In terms of getting the most out of HubSpot, learning how to set up a partner program is extremely useful.

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How to Take Inspiration from the Story of the HubSpot Partner Program

You may think your company is not at the same level that HubSpot was at when it started its Partner Program. But when you listen to this episode of the Company Growth Podcast you’ll see that during the company's first introduction to HubSpot’s Partner Program, the program didn’t have a lot of supporters on its side when it was starting out either. 

Try to think outside the box. You may not be in the position to offer partnerships on the scale that HubSpot could, but try to think of a way you can start a program with your clients that offers you both something of value. For example, starting a business podcast is one low-cost way for you to gain SEO traction while offering a soapbox for your clients to speak from. But that’s just one example of many shared in the episode. Listen to this installment of the Company Growth Podcast and it might spark an idea that is different from anything we’ve seen before! 


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