Learn HubSpot Best Practices From Two HubSpot Veterans

April 20, 2022 |   3 minute read

Learn HubSpot Best Practices From Two HubSpot Veterans

The Company Growth Podcast is back for a new third season! 

But before we get to that, let’s talk about why you’re here. Chances are, you’re either a HubSpot user or in sales (or both) because those are primarily the people we help at Tangible Words. We’re always looking for new ways to help out people who fit these categories. So we thought, let’s do a podcast episode between someone who helps people use HubSpot more effectively (Alysha) and someone who works for HubSpot (David, our guest on this episode) and see what nuggets of ideas we can give to you, for free. 


Discover HubSpot Best Practices From a Company Insider

Anyone in the sales world who loves talking shop can access plenty of places to have HubSpot discussions. There are forums and subreddits and social media. But most salespeople love to multitask, (guilty as charged) and podcasts are perfect for when you want to think and learn about the industry while hopping on a Peloton bike or going for a run.

That’s why we created the Company Growth Podcast: to bring the shoptalk right to your ears. 

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HubSpot, HubSpot, and More HubSpot

Part of what makes HubSpot such a great CRM is that there are so many ways to use it. David Weinhaus is a growth specialist (just like what we do at Tangible Words) who has been working at HubSpot for over a decade. From that place of experience, David and Alysha discuss what they value most about HubSpot’s robust CRM.

You might be surprised by how differently two people can use the platform, but Alysha and David agree that this is a huge strength of HubSpot. HubSpot’s data and management systems can be adapted not just to different companies but to different individuals, which is part of what makes HubSpot such a powerful tool for growth and what makes knowing HubSpot best practices so key to using the platform effectively. 


Alysha and David also covered these topics on the episode: 

  • Is it better to be proactive or reactive as a salesperson, or both? 
  • What a CRM can do to work with an individual’s style of task management.
  • The best books for a salesperson to read. One of David’s favourite books for salespeople is a book by a negotiator for hostage situations. Talk about taking a diverse approach to sales!
  • How to run your CRM so that it doesn’t end up running you.
  • And more!


Listen to the Company Growth Podcast and Level Up Your Sales Game

Our new third season of the Company Growth Podcast is dedicated to bringing you the conversations about sales that you want to hear. 

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