Google Glass - Is This Why Website Content Is Changing?

January 23, 2014 |   2 minute read

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Have you heard about Google Glass? I hadn't either until I was doing industry research to find this very clever tool that Google has produced. It's not readily available yet as it looks like it is still in the testing phase, but it shouldn't be far away. It got me thinking...

Does Google's Search Engine Algorithm Keeping Changing Because We are Moving Towards Tools Like Google Glass?

Take a look at what the Google Glass offers. Speak directly to your glasses and images, videos, directions, etc. will appear. Conversational language when writing website content will be even more important on search engines because people can already ask questions to their phone, and soon their glasses!
If you still feel that your Company website should have complicated terms, and hard to read content, then you might be missing a big opportunity. Mainly, the millions of people how are now searching for questions, or simply combination of words to get what they want.
Take a look at your website statistics lately, or your Google ranking. Has is fallen away a bit? If so, consider a new content strategy or Strategic Communications Plan so that Google can start seeing that you are in fact an expert in your industry and so that potential clients can find you.

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