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Website Copywriting and Content Strategy Case Story

Tangible Word's served The Human Well's clients and partners as a value-add to the service The Human Well provides. We fulfilled specific professional services needed: website copywriting and content strategy for NexXera and Natalie Richter Global (NRG).

Both of The Human Well’s Clients Needed New Website Content.

Particularly with NRG, Tangible Words was able to advise and follow our Quality-Assured Website Copywriting Process to ensure the content represented the company’s overarching goals. Tangible Words helped NRG package various levels of service, and design the information architecture of the website.
Not only do you get me to write down what I think but you also really believe in my company. You are not only writing the copy but you are also a coach. It is something that really makes the difference to me.”  Natalie Richter, Content Partner with Tangible Words
Then, Tangible Words worked with NRG’s web development team to provide direction and feedback as to design and functionality, and assist with Content Management System (CMS) selection.

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