Is HubSpot CRM the Best Fit for Your SaaS Company?

August 08, 2019 |   3 minute read

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Is HubSpot CRM the Best Fit for Your SaaS Company?
Congratulations! Your SaaS company has grown to the stage of needing customer relationship management (CRM) software! Because customers are the centre of your business, selecting the right CRM is a huge task. 

CRM software will help you to maintain and grow better relationships with customers. Selecting the right CRM for your business is not an easy decision. The HubSpot CRM is one option you might be considering, which has many features to help you manage your current customers and find new ones.

When researching CRM software for your SaaS company you want to find one that will grow with your business and not just one that meets your needs today. Look beyond features and pricing of just the basic CRM. Spend some time researching additional add-ons that you will need as your business grows.

3 Benefits of Using the HubSpot CRM

  1. HubSpot’s CRM is completely free and allows for additional service upgrades as your SaaS company grows. When researching CRM software always be sure to take the time to test the products out and see if they are the right fit for your business. HubSpot will allow you to demo the software and get a feel for how it works.

  2. HubSpot will organize and track your customers automatically as they go through the sales pipeline. All of your customer's interactions are saved in HubSpot’s CRM. This allows your sales team to do what they do best, sell! With live updates, you can see from the CRM dashboard what stage of the funnel each lead is at.

    Add-on services, like HubSpot’s Sales Hub will allow you to:
    - automate personalized follow-ups with new leads
    - create new email templates and test their performance
    - never miss a follow up with new leads

    With your sales pipeline being automatically tracked, your team will have the opportunity to look for new ways to improve your sales process. Your team can more easily focus on sales and growth by spending your time on qualified leads.

  3. nullSalespeople on average spend 31% of their time creating new content. HubSpot has a content repository that will save you time. Within the CRM, you can create, share and save templates for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Your sales team can focus on lead generation instead of writing content with each new deal.

HubSpot’s CRM will keep your sales team organized and let them easily track and focus on higher qualified leads. The tool also grows with your business, meaning your team won’t need to take time to learn new tools as your SaaS business expands.

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