The Best Way to Align Marketing and Sales in a SaaS Company

September 26, 2019 |   3 minute read


The Best Way to Align Marketing and Sales in a SaaS Company

Marketing and sales are often times “at odds” within a SaaS company. When sales are down, the marketing department is to blame and marketing blames sales when a brilliant ad campaign fails. Instead of wasting so much energy pointing fingers, a better use of resources is to allow both teams to have time to plan campaigns collaboratively.

3 Powerful Benefits of Aligning Your Marketing and Sales Teams

  1. Set Clear Revenue Goals and Streamline Activities: Marketing and sales focus on different metrics: marketing is focused on reaching new potential clients, while sales is focused on the amount of deals they close. By combining their goals and metrics for success, shared goals will be much easier to reach - and monitor.

  2. Solid Understanding of Buyer Behaviour: The marketing team really understands the needs of a potential buyer, while sales understands what it takes for a potential buyer to become a customer. By combining this knowledge, a clear persona will result. Having a persona for each of your potential customer types will enable you to truly understand the problems they have and the solutions they are seeking.

  3. Content Creation: With a clear persona in mind, creating tailor-made content will be a breeze. Effective content will raise engagement rates and sales rates will follow suit, because of more highly qualified leads.

How To Power Up Your Marketing and Sales Teams

How To Power Up Your Marketing and Sales TeamsMarketing teams are ready to turn useful information about your customers into creative and engaging content. By creating content that speaks to your customer’s needs, you are demonstrating this focus upfront. A constant information exchange between marketing and sales teams will get the most out of your budget, and will provide the marketing team with updates and follow-up. To ensure an even more consistent and predictable collaboration, inbound marketing techniques will provide an extra boost. There are three stages in a buyer’s journey, and the inbound marketing tools for each one are given below:

  1. Attract
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Content strategy

2. Engage

  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • Conversion bots

3. Delight

  • Smart content
  • Conversations inbox to centralize communication with your contacts
  • Marketing automation

Whether it is an editorial calendar, a series of automated emails or a CRM, inbound marketing will take your team to a whole new level. Customers will feel heard, valued and important.

Working Together Really Is the Best Way

The bottom line is you must invest some of your sales team's time into better informing marketing about the customers you currently have and those you are dreaming of landing. And this has to happen right away - at the beginning of any launch or new campaign - because the sooner sales is aligned with and educating the marketing team, the sooner they can deliver the content and strategy to better serve your customers.

Your Teams Deserve To Be United

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