Unlimited Casual Fridays: The Future of Remote Work Is Bright

November 23, 2021 |   3 minute read

Unlimited Casual Fridays: The Future of Remote Work Is Bright

A survey by Owl Labs found that at the height of the pandemic and lockdowns, 70% of full-time employees worked from home. Employees developed a taste for remote work in 2020, and that remote work, at least in some form, is here to stay. The future of remote work really is the future of work. 

The cost benefits of remote work are many. Companies don’t have to pay for expensive buildings to host employees, and employees get to work from the comfort of their homes. There’s even an environmental benefit: removing the commutes of the majority of the workforce can cut down on emissions significantly. Removing the commute benefits employees, too - no paid parking, gas costs or Uber calls.

Are you worried about the risks of remote work? Read on.


Home Sweet Home: Picture the Future of Remote Work

The year is 2025. There are still no flying cars, and robots are mostly still vacuums, but something is notably different. A massive percentage of the population works from home - and this isn’t because of a global pandemic, it’s just the way things are.   

Let’s look at some of the perks: 

  • Employees who work remotely save an average of 40 minutes of their day from not having a commute (unless you count walking from your bed to your computer).
  • Companies that offer remote employment tend to be more results oriented, focusing more on what you get done and not so much when you get it done, leading to more flexible schedules. 
  • It might sound counterintuitive, but many employees during the pandemic reported that they felt more focused and more productive when working from home. 

As artificial intelligence, automation and robotics take hold in more industries, and as more jobs involve the management of those artificial-intelligent processes, we’ll see even more people working from home


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