What Is the Advantage of Paid Traffic?

February 22, 2024 |   3 minute read

What Is the Advantage of Paid Traffic?

In online marketing, using paid traffic can, initially, almost feel like giving up. After all, aren’t the most inspiring online business success stories the ones about a company who built an amazing organic following seemingly out of nowhere? Why pay for traffic when you could get exactly the traffic you want for free?

Well, for starters, we still love organic SEO campaigns. Organic traffic is amazing and we use organic campaigns all the time at Tangible Words. But excluding paid media from your list of marketing strategies for small business just because it is paid is like taking a screwdriver off your toolbelt because you don’t like the colour. Paid media is just another strategy you can use to get the growth in sales that you’ve been looking for. 

Now, let’s talk about some of the main advantages of using paid media to scale your business and maximize revenue. 


The True Power of Using Ad Traffic to Increase Revenue

Organic media is great and can lead to high quality traffic but it can take a lot of time to grow a following, not to mention a lot of hours crafting content. For businesses who don’t have time or extra resources devoted to cultivating an organic following, paid media can be used to supplement organic efforts. Here are some of the main advantages using paid traffic as one of your customer engagement strategies: 

  • Paid marketing can target specific demographics with less effort and guesswork, making your sales prospecting tools more effective. 
  • Paid ads help you raise your exposure and reach people you wouldn’t have been able to find organically. 
  • Paid ads help establish credibility both by putting your brand directly on to key screens and by directly showing up in results for keywords your target audience is searching for. 
  • Paid ads save you time. Organic online traffic takes time to cultivate - it’s very worth doing but sometimes you need an option that gives results in much less time. 
  • Paid ads make it easier to calculate an ROI. Organic traffic can come from a long, sustained content strategy, where a network of content works together to bring in traffic and sales. This is great, but can be difficult to track. Paid media on the other hand is very easy to organize, and most paid media platforms have plenty of analytics tools to show you exactly how your money is being spent and the results you’re seeing for your investment. 

Hear Why Paid Traffic Is Worth It - Directly From an Expert

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