Are Your Content Marketing Goals for 2014 on Track?

March 17, 2014 |   2 minute read

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Are Your Content Marketing Goals for 2014 on Track?
It's hard to believe that we are 10 weeks into 2014. Time sneaks up on most of us, but if you aren't hitting marketing milestones your sales might not be where you'd like.

So How Do You Get Your Content Marketing Back on Track?

The new calendar year is a time when businesses look to redo their website (in development, design, and content). Getting the hub of all your marketing efforts done now will improve your sales capacity in the approaching new financial year by helping you feel more confident and appear more attractive in your offering.

To help you out, here are a few posts that could help you through this process.

  • Before You Start Your Website Design, Don't Forget to...
  • I Want A New Website Design - Here's Your Checklist
  • How do you Manage Strategic Communications Planning? Here's a Case Story to Use As An Exemplar.
  • Five Reasons You Need a Content Strategy Before You Need a Website Developer.
  • How to Save Money When Redoing Your Website.

Winter - Write Your Business Blog

Are You Ready for Winter to be Over?

Use this indoor time to create your content for your business blog. But don't forget to create an editorial calendar.