Find Out How to Convince Your Boss to Outsource HubSpot Marketing

April 09, 2020 |   4 minute read

Find Out How to Convince Your Boss to Outsource HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot marketing software is a powerful machine in the online marketing space, and key to your inbound marketing success. HubSpot allows you, the marketer, to send high-quality warm leads to the sales team. The result: shorter sales cycle and an increased bottom line for your company; in other words, growth!

But that only happens if you’re using your HubSpot marketing software to its maximum capacity, like a multi-faceted machine that needs all its parts working together: blog writing, social media engagement, email workflows – and especially the analytics that diagnose the machine and ensure it’s fine-tuned and humming.

But what if you’ve hit a snag? What if you and your marketing team are too busy to focus on creating the content that makes HubSpot software work for you? What if you can’t take the time to engage with HubSpot’s excellent analytics to see if the content is working?

You need to outsource HubSpot marketing. It’s easy enough to come to that decision when you’re on the ground and know what you need. But how do you convince your boss to hire HubSpot experts? 

6+ HubSpot Marketing Experts for the Price of One

If your boss decides to ease the marketing team’s load by hiring one more person, that new employee will bring only one set of extra knowledge. When you enlist the help of professional experts, you get all the knowledge of several experts for the price of one. Plus, the HubSpot experts are meant to free your marketing team up to do what they’re good at; they’re not meant to replace the team.

Tangible Words is an award-winning inbound marketing HubSpot partner agency. Our team of experts will take the burden off you and your marketing team by managing your HubSpot software for you. We will produce the regular blog posts, email workflow series, and regularly scheduled social media messages that keep your customers engaged, ensure that company marketing projects are run efficiently, and improve sales. All this should make your boss happy!

Outsource HubSpot Marketing: 3 Benefits to Tell Your Boss

1. A Vastly Improved (and Very Visible) Bottom Line

Outsource HubSpot Marketing: 3 Benefits to Tell Your BossWith HubSpot experts at the helm, a sales team ends up with warm, high-quality leads that are likely to become customers. HubSpot experts employ HubSpot metrics and keep track of lead scoring, which is like the pulse of the marketing department. Bonus: the metrics also keep track of sales and growth, and your boss will be able to see for themselves how the processes improve the bottom line.

When HubSpot marketing software is used to full capacity, marketing projects stay streamlined and cost effective. If a project is long term, it’s especially crucial to have a way to stay on track and stay on message - something that HubSpot experts can do, while training staff to do the same.

“Tangible Words helped build and scale our implementation of HubSpot and continue to provide direction and advice to our team regarding inbound best practices. We are seeing the results in terms of new leads, contacts and customers as a result of our relationship with the TW team.” Joe Barrow, SVP, Business Development, Area9

2. Second-to-none Customer Engagement

Second-to-none Customer EngagementWhen experts wield HubSpot marketing and sales tools, not one potential or current customer slips through the cracks. A company using HubSpot experts will maintain the respect of current customers while still attracting new ones.

Expert content creators can provide content muscle that captures people’s attention, brings them closer to the product, engages them, and converts them to customers...and then continues to engage them and keep them as customers. Hiring an agency of HubSpot experts gives a company a variety of talents that can be used toward creating that powerful and meaningful content.

Good content supports a business’ brand, and positions the company to be highly regarded; customers will trust the company’s knowledge, and will consult it when they want to make a purchase.

A group of experts will also have the kinds of skills needed to keep track of the analytics found in HubSpot marketing tools. These experts analyze the effectiveness of the content, and tweak the message accordingly; they look out for changes in the target audience, and make sure the message is on point.  

3. Efficiency 

HubSpot experts can set up and deliver a stable, consistent content plan, and so sales growth is more likely to be constant. When the HubSpot CRM is being well maintained, the same customer information goes to both the sales and marketing departments. Everybody has access to quality leads; nobody has to try to remember to pass information along, or retrieve it. Salespeople can act on information quickly.

HubSpot experts can make all this happen because they’ve had lots of practice; they are the equivalent of the tradesperson who repaints your kitchen: what would take you all weekend takes them one afternoon.

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