Why Do You Use HubSpot Software and Not a Competitor for Inbound?

January 21, 2020 |   3 minute read


Why Do You Use HubSpot Software and Not a Competitor for Inbound?

Q: Why do you use HubSpot and not a competitor for inbound?

A: A few years ago, before we had HubSpot, we started researching CRMs. At the time we were a much smaller firm, and it was really important to make sure we were going to invest in a system that would give us the data we needed, could grow with us, and deliver more leads. We scrutinized a selection of what we thought were HubSpot's strongest competitors. We compared their features to the features of HubSpot software. We realized that HubSpot was the only all-in-one marketing platform that delivered everything we needed. 

What does HubSpot Software Deliver?


Sales and marketing are a million times more productive when working together than when they’re disconnected and working at odds. In HubSpot, sales and marketing work together. The alignment of sales and marketing is an integral foundation of inbound marketing. Sales has so much value to contribute to marketing, and vice versa. 

The Right Stats

HubSpot tracks statistics and presents analytics that are actually applicable to the work of marketing and sales. It presents this data in a way that is easy to connect to the real work sales and marketing teams do.

Automated Lead Nurturing

When a lead enters their email address into a form on your site, HubSpot can automatically drip feed them a series of pre-written emails over time that are tailored to whatever signup method they used. This is marketing automation, and it's brilliant. Your lead is now getting information about exactly what they’re interested in.

When the customer decides they want more, either requesting direct contact, ordering a product, or signing up for something else, HubSpot tells you exactly which email was their decision point. You can use that information to further tailor and streamline your sequences. Did we mention this all happens automatically? 

HubSpot also allows you to customize and automate notifications. So instead of getting an email every single time your site is visited, you can get a daily, or weekly, digest of where visitors came from, or which product pages got the most hits. You can basically assign a custom notification to any data that is particularly relevant to you. 

Where Would We Be Without HubSpot?

image5-2Without HubSpot we’d have to try to manually track data, interpret it, and figure out how it applied to our strategies. With so many different things to consider, we’d never have a full picture of what parts of our strategy are working, and what parts need adjustments. Not to mention, grand scale statistics analysis is not our area of expertise, and as a small firm we definitely do not have the time to dedicate one person to full time statistical analysis.

Where We Are With HubSpot

After integrating HubSpot into our system, we very quickly made back the money we spent on it. And, we’ve been operating at increased revenue ever since, and we can directly trace that to the influence HubSpot has had on our business.  

Our company has seen an 80% increase in revenue. 57% of the sales process is over in the awareness stage alone. Without HubSpot we would lose that many sales.” - Alysha Dominico


Success for Our Clients With HubSpot Software: Area9

Area9 is an adaptive learning platform. Area9 helps companies develop algorithmic training courses that are adaptive, and personalize the learning experience of each student on the fly. The adaptive system helps students learn in a way that is most helpful for them, while still reaching the end goals of the training course. 

Area9’s goals for inbound marketing were to increase website traffic, get more traffic from social media, and obtain better leads. 

After just one month of working with Tangible Words and HubSpot, Area9 had a 29% increase in website traffic, a 230% increase in social media traffic, and were obtaining more qualified leads every day. 

After five months, Area9 had closed $600k in sales, had shortened their sales cycle, and were getting consistently higher quality leads, making their sales process more efficient.  

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