Stay Organized With A Free Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

December 09, 2016 |   2 minute read


Stay Organized With A Free Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

Years ago, running an inbound marketing campaign meant developing creative, spending some money, and hoping results would follow. It's more complex now, but it's actually easier to use an inbound marketing campaign and see success faster. You need to know what you're doing.

Inbound marketing campaigns involve a few different areas you need to pay attention to ensure that your content and audience click and that your sales team is ready to nurture the leads your marketers attract.

You Can Learn How to Develop an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

To start your inbound marketing campaign strategy, your essential staff must be on board and working together to create a plan. Your team of sales and marketing experts, plus your support staff, have the fundamental information you need to build your content and your sales processes that attract and nurture leads. Sharing this knowledge and using it better makes closing deals much less time-consuming. Your salespeople know who your ideal consumer is. Your marketers know what your target audience audience is engaging with and where (if they don't, try using a free CRM such as HubSpot to track engagement and help you create future content). 

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Inbound marketing content ideas can vary depending on the platforms you use to generate traffic. Some channels are video-centric, while others are meant for long-form text or step-by-step how-tos. For a quick content boost, take a look at what questions your clients ask a lot or what you've covered in your website FAQs. Create different content to answer those questions on each platform you're using. Add incentives to draw interested readers to trust your business and get their problems solved using your products and services.


So a big step on your inbound marketing journey is to determine if you're using the most efficient channels for your campaigns. While the channels change and evolve, the same problem remains: disconnected tools and channels make it tough to measure results, and the experience for your leads often feels disconnected.

You might be overlooking a few that can help drive more business to your website.  To ensure you’re not missing any opportunities, we’ve compiled a Free Checklist with our partner HubSpot.

With this handy one-page checklist, you can keep track of all the available channels you should be using next time you launch a marketing campaign using inbound marketing.


Download the checklist to maximize return on investment for your marketing campaigns.

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