How to Use a Business Strategy to Increase Sales

July 19, 2019 |   3 minute read

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Being a founder and CEO of a new technology company involves wearing many different hats. You have your hands full getting the product to market, attracting investors, choosing the best marketing approach, and making sure the business strategy you pursue is affordable and effective.

How to Build a Solid Business Strategy to Increase Sales

Here are three affordable business strategy options that you could pursue, which will help you to focus your efforts.

1. Show your Investors the Problems You Are Really Solving

In order to properly market your product, you need to be really clear on who your product was created for. First, you need to create a persona of your customer or investor in a way that compliments the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product. Your product’s USP can be used by salespeople to communicate the key factors that separate your product from its competition. 

By coming up with a persona, you will learn not only who you are selling to (age, gender, profession, income level, etc.), but you’ll also learn what problem your product is solving for them. The solution to your ideal investor’s problem should be at the core of your marketing and sales efforts.

2. Create a Compelling Demo of Your Awesome Technology

In a world where there are multiple products for every problem, investors will be very slow to buy a product they have not yet tried. Creating a demo for investors will allow them to experience your product for free so you can educate them on the benefits of your tech and provide value up front. An added bonus of this approach is that you start building the relationship immediately.

Your sales team can dive deeper into how this potential customer will use the technology, and what other challenges they are currently facing. The information gained during a demo conversation can be invaluable to your future marketing efforts.

3. Inbound Marketing Techniques That Will Make Your Job Easy

As investors are being attracted to your product and booking demos, you need to be able to monitor and analyze where they are coming from. By understanding what media channels they booked a demo or made a sale through, you can quantify the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing strategy. Using inbound marketing techniques will allow you to track the effectiveness of the content you create. You can then focus your limited time on the topics, keywords and media channels that work.

Effective Content Creation Is the Way to Increase Sales

Hiring an inbound marketing agency may not be in the budget for a start-up company. However, using inbound marketing strategies will provide value to your ideal investor. It is essential to create content (social media posts, blogs, how-to videos etc.) that will reach your target audience. Below are the must-have features in your content creation strategy.

  • High qualitysocial-media-1989152_1280
    Everyone wants to engage with content that teaches them something or solves a problem they have.
  • High quantity
    High quality content needs to be created at least 16 times per month for maximum benefit.
  • Keywords
    Build your content around keyword phrases that potential customers would type into a search engine in order to be found by your ideal customers online.
  • CTAs
    A visit to your website is a great thing, but receiving a contact is even better. A call to action (CTA) offers something (an e-book download, for example) in exchange for contact information.

  • Campaigns
    Running a marketing campaign pulls in potential customers from different channels. A campaign with many channels will be more successful.

Using a Business Strategy Will Really Direct Your Vision

Using a business strategy to increase sales will maximize the effectiveness of your sales team by aligning your product with your customer or investor’s needs.

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