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Why Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy Needs HubSpot

Account-based marketing (ABM) can be a major headache. Even if your business is gathering excellent data from its customers, you need a system to[...]

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All Great Email Marketing Uses This Formula

In our last article we discussed what an Offer, an Incentive and An Action is when Email Marketing. All great email marketing uses this formula:

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Writing Online and in Print Different – Branding

How writing online to your target audience is different to how you write to your audience in brochures.

  1. Give less information on your brochures.[...]
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Sales & Online Content Marketing: I was recently asked this question

Today I received either a personal or a generic email--I couldn't tell. If it had totally convinced me that it was personal, I would have taken their[...]

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DANGER: Do You Write Your Own Website Copy?

Warning: not everyone can (nor should) write website copy.

Trained copywriters are more than wordsmiths or journalists. Copywriters are[...]

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Why Spend Money On A Copywriter?

Focus on something other than writing your letters, brochures and website pages.
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Worst Sales Letter Competition - Win a Free Sales Letter

A few people are a little scared of working with a copywriter. So I'm going to show you just how amazing the process is. And, you'll get a chance to[...]

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