Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm – How Will It Affect Your Website?

December 10, 2013 |   1 minute read

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Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm – How Will It Affect Your Website?

Unlike Google's Penguin and Panda updates, the Google Hummingbird is a completely new algorithm and will affect your business website. Unique content became the focus and this has not changed with the new algorithm either.

But How Will Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Affect Your Business Website?

Becoming an expert online by creating unique, engaging, useful content for your reader's and potential clients is the key. But make sure you share this information on social networks like LinkedIn, your Business Facebook page, Twitter, etc.
Google has recognized that people search using 'conversational' language. Some businesses still believe that 'formal language' shows people how complex their products are and somehow convinces their readers that they must buy from them (Read Education vs. Business writing to learn more about the difference when writing online). Unfortunately this is exactly the opposite of what people are looking for online and in fact Google proves this by changing the algorithm to look for conversational language.
In the next article you will learn ways to ensure your business website answers reader's and potential client's questions. This is the focus of Google's hummingbird algorithm and will help your business website become an 'expert' online.

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