How to Be Set Up for Success With an Inbound Marketing System

February 11, 2020 |   3 minute read

How to Be Set Up for Success With an Inbound Marketing System

Building a successful business cannot be done quickly - it takes methodical planning to piece together an infrastructure. It isn’t just about doing it and crossing your fingers, hoping for the best; building a business is about creating a system that lets you improve. Building your infrastructure is like building a McDonald’s franchise: when you follow the system, it works. 

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How to Succeed With an Inbound Marketing System

  • Diversify Revenue Stream: The best way to diversify your revenue streams is to set up sales funnels by creating awareness of new products, building in conversion points to capture new leads, and using list-targeted workflows to nurture new and existing leads. This way the wheels are always turning and nothing is left behind. 
  • Create High-Quality Content Offers: Using personas - created specifically for your target audience - as guides, write clear and concise content offers. Website visitors can find exactly the type of help they need by accessing intelligent user-focused forms. 
  • pasted image 0 (3)-1Write Content Specific to Your Customers: With everything you know about your target audience, create content that speaks to their needs. It is best to diversify the types of content you are creating, like using a mix between blog posts and social media messages, in order to reach more customers.
  • Use a CRM to Measure Metrics: A CRM (like HubSpot’s) contains every important detail about your contacts. It will ensure that every lead is followed and nothing falls through the cracks. 

4 Companies That Are Powerful With Inbound Help

These companies initiated an inbound marketing system and are reaping the benefits.

Tangible Words can build you the infrastructure; even if you don’t keep our services once you’re up and running, we’ll have built everything you need to hire in-house and keep going. You will have had the benefit of expertise, leadership, and training, and the muscle you need at the beginning to lay a solid foundation - which decreases the risk of investment.

Inbound Marketing is a long play. But if you don’t do it, you will miss out on how people make purchasing decisions. We ask for a commitment of 12 to 15 months to build this infrastructure for you and create the online traction that will help to benchmark results and improve.

How to Transform Your Inbound Marketing System

Move confidently ahead in your business with a strong infrastructure that will launch you into success.

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